Searching for a Goldilocks Moment

Searching for a Goldilocks Moment

| April 18, 2023

If you're an investor looking for something to worry about, you never have to go more than a few days on Wall Street.

As you can see from the accompanying chart, 11 economic reports are scheduled for release during 19 trading days in April. Some have already moved the markets. Others likely will in the days ahead. And keep in mind this list doesn't include any speeches by Federal Reserve officials, rumblings from Washington, or the occasional "shock headline" from a market pundit.

Watching the news cycle isn't healthy for your portfolio. Some good news here and some bad news there, and you might start to rethink a well-constructed investment strategy. You may find yourself always searching for that "Goldilocks Moment" when investment conditions are just right.

I monitor economic reports to see if any longer-term trends are emerging. I also look to see if the information in one report compliments, or contradicts, another report. According to the World Bank, the United States has a $23 trillion economy, so it's bound to give mixed signals from time to time.

If you happen to see an economic report that is confusing, please reach out. I'll do my best to help put the report in perspective.